Japanese printing skirt strong hit lotus leaf collar shape princess children

Summer is easy to imitate a variety of styles. Whether it is Korean style or Japanese, are sweet girls must go to imitate. Petite cute Japanese will be very important to reduce age, but also easier to get the opposite sex Oh. Here are two sweet Japanese style dress. Popular printing encounter lotus leaf pendulum all the elements of the classic fusion, very lovable.


Wave roll will also set off a wave of tide in the season. In the sub-design, outline the curve of the face. Printed skirt on the left stitching the yellow Eugen yarn skirt, full of sweet. The right lotus leaf collar prominent princess children. Waist design, outlines the charming curve, walking in the street will earn enough.

日系印花裙强势来袭 荷叶领塑造公主范儿

Fresh lemon yellow, will give people leave a fresh feeling. In the hot summer, bring comfort to people. By the age of the skin color, the girls look more clever shaping. White lace decoration, pure and stylish. This fabric, it looks very texture. Such a Japanese wind you deserve.

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