Set off the body under the health revolution Lanxuan underwear

Lanxuan Beauty and Body Group was born in the romantic myth of the capital --- France, its creation has been adhering to the "internal and external, to you" business philosophy has always been committed to the cause of women's life and health, is the first with three core Technology leader in the international body underwear brand, for the global and Chinese women to provide high-quality life and health products. And to uphold the concept of high-tech, committed to creating the international fashion body underwear brand as compliance, since its inception respected science and technology, art, human nature, the perfect integration of nature. Lanxuan products with its superb technology and perfect service in the field of women's life and health excellence and much loved by consumers.


The company is based in France's product R & D institutions, and always maintain the international advanced position of product efficacy, technology, technology and philosophy. In particular, the introduction of sophisticated production lines to create zero-defect product quality through sophisticated production standards and modern management.

掀起养生美体内衣的革命 蓝璇内衣

Lanxuan domestic market underwear on a full investigation and study, based on the market to learn the advantages of functional underwear, according to women's health maintenance and correction of body needs and developed a new type of underwear. It launched a revolution in body care underwear, combined with ergonomics, mechanics, medicine, aesthetics, fiberology, weaving, using CAD, CAM to draw the three-dimensional model, and then controlled by the computer operation. Lanxuan emphasis on shaping the function of underwear at the same time, emphasizing the appearance of the product design to meet the female shape effect on underwear, elegant appearance of the needs of its product concept and positioning of the underwear market represents the future development trend

Cotton work glove
1.Cotton canvas material
2 Double layer
3.fine design

4.Used in glass industry, high tempreture industry  

Product name hotmill glove
Size xs-xxl
Color  White or customized
Package 12 pairs in one bag, 120pairs in one carton
Delivery time 20days for 6000pairs
Capacity/month 200000 pairs
hotmill white

Hot Mill Gloves

Hot Mill Gloves,Heat Resistant Gloves,Cotton Work Gloves,Heat Proof Gloves

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