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viva voce from Paris, a brand of China Resources Textile Group. China Resources Textile Group in addition to the country has more than 20 wholly-owned or holding production and brand operations, at the same time have CK CalvinKlein international apparel brand in China's long-term agency. Vivavoce abandons sundries with purity of pure art, extracts the most harmonious and balanced color, and displays the calm and rational space order. The bright and dark alternating light and shadow through the lines, a large area of ​​color, interspersed or scattered grayscale sophisticated implied, with the ultimate simple outline of the original state of the world. Through natural materials, restrained tailoring and unique details to show enthusiasm, subtle, intelligent French style.



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Brandstyle brand style

Relax vitality, fashion, leisure, personality

Style casual and simple personality, with light natural cloth material, beautiful lines, simple style, restrained tailoring and unique details of the interpretation of the style and slightly feminine modern French style, with passionate creativity will be the art and fashion contact Together, in the visual arts, POPART, Couture, legislation deconstructionism looking for all creative inspiration.

Elegance Simple, classic, gorgeous, feminine, elegant

Follow the traditional style of the classic process contains a rich and colorful personality image. Ingenious style based on the development of some new styling, so that the past will be mapped to the most popular styles among them. Will not be flashy, but can all kinds of soft, elegant, magic, fantasy elements into the design of clothing. Elegance is full of classic ornate qualities both in texture and fabric stripes and detail. Coupled with the unique design of mind, to create an era of fashion series.



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Brandpositioning Market positioning

Mainly for young fashionable women to provide a free expression of personality without any restrictions on the fashion and accessories line. The main price in between 599-2199. Dedicated to 25-35-year-old confident, tasteful fashion women bring refined, simple French style. Key Markets In China, a major city and self-operated outlets have been set up in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan, entering the mainstream of Shoppingmall, which has been stationed in first-tier cities in China for several years. Design is full of French atmosphere, comfortable to wear, style and collocation represents the trend of the season's top trend, all products, both from the fur and accessories are very rich and diverse, for the pursuit of perfection and unscrupulous metropolitan women provided a mix and match test pleasure.

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width 150cms 160cms 170cms

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