Jiumu Wang Men's Wear Opens the Legend of Seiko Art

One of the leading menswear brands in China, the “Nine Animal Husbandry Kings” announced in early June that they had started the annual brand event “Seiko Art” and sent a gracious invitation to consumers across the country. They were looking forward to the award list on June 25th. This time, the “Seiko Art” tour is scheduled to leave in mid-July. 200 lucky customers will witness the birth of beautiful trousers and clothes at the headquarters of Jiu Mu Wang, witness the legend and explore the wonderful.

One of the leading menswear brands in China, the “Nine Animal Husbandry Kings” announced in early June that they had started the annual brand event “Seiko Art” and sent a gracious invitation to consumers across the country. They were looking forward to the award list on June 25th.

National launch of "Spiritual Tour"

On June 25th, the reporter witnessed the lucky consumer list of the “Seiko Art” men's wear and the “Seiko Art” tour of Charming Xiamen at the Xiamen Mouwang Co., Ltd.’s Xiamen Operations Center. In the morning, the lucky draw activities were divided into four groups. Each group took 50 lucky consumers, and a total of 200 were drawn. Mr. Chen Jiaya, the managing director of Jiumu Wang, personally took the lucky draw guest and randomly selected 200 lucky customers at the scene. The host of the event announced the winner’s name, mobile phone number, and other information. The list of winners was officially announced on the official website Sohu.com of the “Seiko Art” tour.

The scale of the event was grand. The company has sent invitations through its thousands of stores across the country for more than one week. It has joined forces with the cooperation of Jiumuwang and “China’s largest portal” Sohu.com and China’s leading digital media group. The media, together write marketing legend. Ms. Hu Zhonghui, director of the Jiumuwang Market Brand Center, said in an interview: “The large-scale activities and strong propaganda have a strong cooperation. The organic integration of online and offline will greatly enhance the influence and reputation of the Jiumuwang brand.”

Mr. Chen Jiaya, Managing Director of Jiumu Wang, served as a lucky draw guest

It is understood that the 200 lucky customers selected on that day will enter the Quanzhou headquarters manufacturing center of Jiumuwang Company. They will witness the birth of fine trousers and clothes, witness legends and explore wonderful things. After that, they will take a luxury private yacht and watch Golden Gate scenery from a close distance. , Tour charm Xiamen. According to Hu, the "Seiko Art" trip is expected to begin in mid-July.

Gratitude Word of mouth

"We are very yearning for and looking forward to it." An award-winning consumer was interviewed and expressed endless happiness in his speech. He told reporters, "We really want to go into the headquarters of Jiu Muwang and witness the exquisite craftsmanship and fine workmanship." He has already won his prize. We will tell relatives, friends, and colleagues of the joyous journey that we will leave in July, and we will convey to them the true feelings of gratitude to the consumers.

In March of this year, the comprehensive market share of the men's trousers and the men's and women's business casual men's wear market both won the championship. In order to thank the consumers for their long-term support and love, the company was grateful for its "Seiko Art" tour.

On the day of the anniversary of Jiumuwang’s listing, on May 30th, Jiumu Wang relied on the superior tea with a well-known brand worth over one million yuan to give back to the nation's consumers; in 2010, Jiumu Wang launched “10 years of glory. “A large number of trousers lifts across the country, 15 lucky consumers enjoyed the “Exclusive Yacht Tour” in Xiamen....

A senior marketing consultant of the brand marketing agency said to Jiu Mu Wang: “In the mainstream brands of the domestic men's apparel industry, Jiumuwang pays special attention to the distance between the brand and consumers and the interaction between the two parties. Consumers who personally witness the art of men's clothing are bound to pass on their word of mouth. This brand directly and accurately markets consumers nationwide, so as to enhance the brand's reputation.”

The “Jiu Mu Wang” brand has always been customer-oriented. Mr. Lin Cong Ying, Chairman of Jiu Mu Wang said: “We believe that companies are no bigger than consumers. The biggest consumer is the world, not the enterprise. We are grateful to consumers and we pursue The "four hearts" service culture is sincere, enthusiastic, meticulous, and attentive.

Seiko Quality Creates Legend

Chairman Lin Cong Ying told us that the success of Jiumu Wang stems from its persistence and perseverance with Seiko.

As of 2011, the overall market share of the Jiumuwang brand men's trousers ranked first in the country for 12 years in a row. The market share of the integrated business casual menswear market ranks first in the country for two consecutive years, and the overall jacket market share ranks first in the country for four consecutive years. two. With the quality of Seiko, the "Nine Animal Husbandry King" brand has written one after another commercial legend.

In the past 12 years, Jiumu Wang firmly occupies the position of the leader of the Chinese men's trousers market. A Jiumuwang men's trousers has to go through 108 procedures, 30 times of ironing, 23,000 stitches, and 100% inspection of intentions.... Jiumu Wang advocates fine fashion boutiques. Philosophy, exquisite workmanship, fine workmanship, high-quality products for the elite men to perform extraordinary charm; nine animal husbandry Wang does not deliberately pursue gorgeous and novel, firm and refined, elegant, atmospheric route Seiko DNA in the heart, work in quality.

With long-lasting elegant design, excellent quality, and unique innovation, Jiumu Wang Men's Clothing always brings surprises to elite men. As a representative of high-quality men's wear, it conveys the elegance, confidence and grace of successful men and provides them with perfect dress for various occasions.

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