With the idol counterpart VJC men's clothing sponsored "love does not turn" male lead costume

The international brand VJC men's wear has always been at the forefront of fashion. It is loved by many urban elite men. Many fashion industry male stars are also VJC men's loyal customers. Recently, VJC men's clothing teamed up with "Love doesn't make a turn" crew to provide the main actor in the play with the costume.

"Love is not a turn" is a metropolitan fashion masterpiece that tells the love and family disputes between men and women in modern cities. It gathers many cross-strait celebrities to join in to help out. For example, Taiwan famous idol actor Chen Chuhe, the famous actress Liu Ye and so on. In the southern city of Taiyu Lake, 29-year-old Ailele wears a wedding dress hand-sewn to prepare for the last day of her life: she even wishes to complete the bride's wishes even if she is dead. The company that had worked for seven years suddenly went out of business and the boyfriend who fell in love for three years actually left her on the anniversary day. Ailele was desperately desperate, but when she was about to leap to the lake, she was robbed of the hero's hero, and she also fell in love with Tang Yifan, the second generation of the rich. Aile Lele painstakingly, determined to start again, apply to Tang Yifan's "lifetime love" senior clothing store. Unexpectedly, he was used by Tang's mother, but the two men could not make a contract to pretend to be lovers. Ailele's enthusiasm and kindness infected everyone around him. All of this moved Tang Yifan. Both of them became attractive to each other, and eventually they went through all sorts of hardships. Regardless of the drama, they all conveyed to the audience a fashionable style and spirit.

In the recent "Love does not turn" boot appreciation feast, the famous male icon of the leading actor Chen Chuhe, the Mainland famous actor Hao Tian, ​​Li Jinzhe are all wearing VJC costume debut, the male stars like VJC men's fashion design and style.

"Love will not make a turn" Thanks to the kick-off dinner scene, the leader and designer of VJC Brand China General Agent Shenzhen Handeway Company listened to the actor's suggestions for design and style, and communicated cordially with the protagonists in the play, sharing each other's Fashionable view. The crew of the crew also expressed their deep gratitude to Handeway. They believe that VJC costumes are very much in line with the actor's status and style of dress, which is a good interpretation of the modern urban elite's fashion taste and greatly enhance the drama's fashion.

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