Coin market decline as a whole

In recent years, the price of stamps and coins due to their ups and downs and their ups and downs have been enough to make people's attention. Recently, the reporter visited Chengdu Wenshufang Collection Market and learned that in the past two weeks, the market for coins has generally declined and the transaction volume is not high.

According to Liu Zhuo, a collector of Wenshufang, the banknotes were basically flat except for the first 3 editions, while the rest of the banknotes showed a declining trend. The overall decline of the fourth set of *** was about 10%. 80 of the 2 editions (1000 shots) dropped from 42,000 yuan to about 32,000 yuan, and 90 shots of 2 (1000 shots) dropped from 22,000 yuan to about 17,000 yuan. The commemorative banknotes also experienced a downturn as a whole. Dragon banknotes fell from 2,200 yuan two weeks ago to 1,800 yuan. The Olympic banknotes fell from 4,400 yuan to 3,500 yuan. The 50th anniversary banknote also fell from 270 yuan to 220 yuan.

The overall decline in gold and silver coins is about 15%, and the transaction volume is not good. The 2011 version of the Panda gold coin (a group) dropped from 24,000 yuan to about 20,500 yuan, the Panda silver coin dropped from 270 yuan to 240 yuan, and the Sanxingdui gold and silver currency set also declined, from 19,000 yuan to 14,000 yuan. . The commemorative coin also showed a slight overall downward trend. The value of the goat's coin dropped from 220 yuan to 190 yuan, and the inheritance of the three group coins also dropped from 210 yuan to 190 yuan.

The stamps were basically the same as in the previous two weeks. The large version of the dragon ticket rose slightly, from 340 yuan to 360 yuan, and the overall product ticket price rose by about 20%. As for the current overall situation of the currency market, Liu Yong advised collectors to participate in the collection of commemorative coins and stamps appropriately. Currently, they are currently avoiding banknotes. The overall downward trend of banknotes may continue in the future, and the holders are the best under profitable conditions* *.

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