Have "Calabay" to enjoy the moment of parent-child happiness

Today's society, the relationship between people become more and more indifferent to the highly developed economy behind the super-working pressure, people not only caught in between five to nine, but also sacrifice a lot of leisure time, Coupled with the increase in off-site employment and increased mobility of personnel; therefore, the time and opportunities for getting together with parents are getting less and less, and telephone teaser has become the only way of expression, resulting in a series of problem juveniles. Based on this Situation, to promote family harmony, warmth, increase the sense of belonging of children's family as the main idea of ​​parent-child clothing was born. Calabbey is the parent-child fashion pilot brand, belonging to Calabbey Hong Kong International Holdings Limited. Caribe Beibei parent-child clothing includes children's clothing, mother and daughter, mother and daughter, father and daughter, father and son, family, lovers and hair accessories, dolls, hats, bags and other apparel products, affectionately into the domestic market since 2005, has always been widespread Customer's favorite, won the 2007-consumer recognition of "Chinese famous brand." The cultural atmosphere of Calabebe makes it possible for everyone dressed in Calabebe to feel the affection of their loved ones. It is also such a culture of eternal love that Carabbe has grown step by step. We make love and costume culture collision, created a stylish, romantic, classic paternity fashion, it not only shows the harmony of family equipment, but also reflects the unique personality of each member of the family fashion personality, to make you enjoy the professional Warm and romantic parent-child time. We integrate the true meaning of life, with both hands, carefully sewing love for each of the loved ones; we gather the latest trends, fashion language to express the endless reverie of happiness; we light the culture of love, with love to illuminate every ordinary life Moment, let everyone enjoy the happy moments of parent-child time!

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