ZUOAN left cross-border cooperation holding "blue heart"

October 26, 2011, China International Fashion Week (2012 spring and summer series) for the first time "electric shock", ZUOAN left bank apparel brought a spring and summer 2012 fashion trends conference, T station change "studio", everyone Qi " Gorgeous family "scene, but also to the current Fashion Week on the third day, ushered in a small climax. This is also ZUOAN left bank following in September as the only representative of the Chinese fashion men's brand went to Paris exhibitors WHO'S NEXT (who is the next one) exhibition returns home, hand in hand the most luxurious international design agency, master of design after a result report. ZUOAN left cross-border cooperation to hold out the "blue heart" That night, ZUOAN left bank apparel with his consistent adherence to the concept of environmental protection, avant-garde artist Li Hui together, through on-site dance and art clever layout, with the artist's creative work, devoted a Achieve the beautiful "blue heart" 2012 spring and summer fashion release show. The release of the show reproduces the wonderful combination of "technology + environmental protection" and not only enables the audiences to feel the world-class trendy products, but also opens the fashion gluttonous feast for the Chinese clothing industry in the new season. It is worth mentioning that this trend release show is also the first time this year to test entertainment entertainment ZUOAN left bank costumes participate in the shooting of Hunan Satellite TV 2012 fashion inspirational drama "gorgeous family" kill the Qing shooting scene. The play a male Li Xueqing wearing ZUOAN left bank costumes appear on the T stage, attracting spectators bursts of screams. And this actress Li Xinru also come to help out. ZUOAN left bank cross-border cooperation holding out the "blue heart" painted heart · romantic navy wind ZUOAN left bank of the blue international It is reported that this "blue heart" as the theme of the release show to the ocean as a starting point, The overall background is drawn from the British Royal Naval Base - Weymouth. Containing a strong Mediterranean style at the same time, will also be elegant urban modern culture into one, showing ZUOAN left bank environmental protection and technology combined with the concept. Conference site, through the use of laser, LED, smoke and other new technologies, a beautiful and stunning large-scale installation works of art - "Blue Heart" stands in the middle of the stage, not only fit the 2012 ZUOAN left bank spring and summer series More sense of technology, which means that this is the heart of a planet - "ocean." With the future sense of science and technology and three-dimensional perspective of the United States and the United States, highlighting the perfect combination of art, fashion and technology. With the sound of music, "blue heart" in the blue laser rain and smoke as our heart beating, appealing to everyone as their love of the heart should care for the sea and the environment we live in, reflecting the transformation of large The infinite possibilities of nature. The release of the show released a total of ZUOAN left bank fashion and elegant two series. Among them, the fashion series based on innovative and classic military style above, especially to express the association of the Navy. The elegant collection reinterprets the urban deconstruction, high-quality fabrics with exquisite details, meticulous attention to detail in every detail, and a gentlemanlike elegance in its simplest form. It is worth mentioning that the concept of "blue heart" originated from artist Li Hui who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. As the leader of a new generation of young artists, Li Hui is good at observing social phenomena. His "Li Hui-style concept sculpture" with laser as its material is well received by domestic and foreign experts. "Heart of Blue" is another masterpiece after its "Undead", and the cross-border cooperation with the Zuoyan left bank apparel has become another day in the field of cross-border cooperation. It is reported that this year is ZUOAN left bank costumes two years after the dormant once again participate in the Fashion Week, ZUOAN is also the fourth landing on the left bank of China International Fashion Week. ZUOAN left bank apparel CEO and chief designer James Hong said each return is a completely new appearance. "Two years after the dormant ZUOAN left bank apparel, there are many new exploration need to communicate with their peers, and has always supported our consumers to share these two years, ZUOAN left bank can be said that under the leadership of the brand internationalization strategy, high-speed operation of the new In particular, this year, a series of international business activities carried out step by step, marking the pace of internationalization ZUOAN left bank is accelerating, has basically achieved leaps and bounds. "Hongshan (James Hong) said the release of the ZUOAN left bank apparel Trend, is the second after the listing of the United States NYSE brand debut China International Fashion Week early this year, of great significance. Previously, ZUOAN left bank apparel was invited to participate in Bangkok International Fashion Fair in Thailand and Paris, France, WHO'S NEXT (who is the next) fashion show, respectively, completed the Asian and European fashion arena appearance, the "Chinese clothing designer brand" concept And the concept of environmentally friendly design products have been double the praise of professional fields and commercial areas. ZUOAN cross-border cooperation on the left bank out of "blue heart" mind reading · common theme to protect the blue into a fashion heart beating, people thinking. All along, ZUOAN left bank apparel are committed to the design, development and manufacture of environmentally friendly clothing, with great concentration on the causal relationship between the changes of the Earth and the natural environment and people's clothing, to explore how the textile and garment industry has been changed with the pollution Environment linked to the status quo. The "Blue Heart" conference, ZUOAN left the same cut green apparel theme, hoping to show a special way to arouse people's love of nature's heart. "At present, the new technology era has come, people are no longer at a standstill, but armed with new technologies and new media networks to live and work.ZUOAN left bank apparel that the new age of science and technology to promote our lives should pay more attention to environmental health. The trend of modern environmental protection has passed from the era of green environmental protection to the era of blue environmental protection, and the protection awareness of lakes and marine water resources needs to be improved urgently. The era of 'blue' environmental protection for the protection of the oceans has arrived. , The heart stops beating and humankind dies instantly; if the sea disappears, the Earth will cease to function! "James Hong said ZUOAN's Left Bank hopes to showcase its love of the blue ocean through clothing shows, fully aware of the oceans The important role of the "heart" for humans and the earth. Experts said that at present, energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection concept put forward higher requirements and challenges for China's garment industry. The next five years, low-carbon, green, environmental protection, sustainable development will be from the depth of the garment industry from production to sales in all aspects have a profound impact, and even change the format of the garment industry. From the demand point of view, low-carbon, environmental protection and safety of the future will become the concept of deep-rooted values, fundamentally affect the consumer's attitude and choice, which requires the production of apparel from design to sales to make every appropriate response . And ZUOAN left bank apparel as early as many years ago on this trend to make a rapid response, the left bank stores currently have a special "green series" sales, including jackets, suits and other categories. "Environmental Series" made of special fabrics, such as some polyester fiber is recycled secondary use of mineral water bottles produced, and some use more environmentally friendly colored cotton. Its "Eco Series" accounts for about 10% -15% of the total product line. Fashion, more exciting due to environmental protection. ZUOAN left bank with a touch of blue, calling for the concept of "low carbon" harmonious living harmony, new fashion life, from the environmental protection - ZUOAN left bank "blue heart" is being read by more and more people.

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