Five experiments teach you to identify the safety of children's clothing or not

Experiment 1 Poor fastness dye easily absorbed by the human body Objective: To test the color fastness to rubbing, to see if it is easy to fade, fade. Experimental procedure: The inspectors sampled the "Piklan Dili" Black Girl's Woven Velor Trousers (Item No. LPTE095601) and cut out a small piece of the panty fabric with scissors and placed it under a professional "color fastness tester" Pad a piece of white cotton lining, the instrument back and forth in the above dry friction 10 times. Then take another piece of white cotton lining soaked in water and put it on the cloth. Rub back and forth with the instrument for 10 times. Dry and wet two pieces of cotton lining left a black and round sample with a shallow depth and a depth respectively. Wet cotton lining samples such as dry, the examiner took the two samples under the standard light source, the control "Evaluation staining with a gray card" rating. Test Results: The test found that the wet friction samples of the "Pakland" Black Girl's Woven Velor Trousers (Item No. LPTE095601) were darker in color and were found to have a 2-3 grade rating by the examiner, Color 3-4. Expert Interpretation: China Chamber of Commerce Consumer Goods Quality and Safety Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) Laboratory Director Li Xiuying introduction, which shows that the sample color fastness but rub off, the lower the level, the deeper the color. The total found 10 kinds of children's clothing color fastness does not meet the standards. Li Xiuying pointed out that poor color fastness may make the dye or pigment transfer to the sweat through the skin is absorbed by the body, although there is no sufficient evidence that the textile dyes harmful to humans, but to improve the color fastness of the product is undoubtedly extremely Greatly reduce this danger. Experiment 2 can be used to identify the clothing material "lit method" Purpose: Test the nominal "cotton" children's clothing material. Experimental process: Detectors will be marked as 100% cotton, a "fashionable babe" brand round neck Short Sleeve children's clothing cut, propped open, pulled out the fiber and found that there is a line inside is very small, the other a slightly thicker. Remove the two lines were placed on a piece of glass to spread, drop the paraffin, sample preparation under the electron microscope. Experimental results: Detector introduction, the display on the thick line contains two components, a natural twisted state for the cotton; smooth stick is the chemical fiber polyester, polyester fiber. The other fine fiber should be spandex. Initial qualitative, the inspectors but also through chemical methods, the cotton, spandex, polyester fiber, the specific content of the number of quantitative detection. Finally found that the "stylish Beibei" brand (unmarked manufacturer information, item 2158) round neck short-sleeved samples, the measured fiber content of 53.0% cotton, polyester fiber 40.1%, spandex 6.9%. Expert Interpretation: Li Xiuying introduction, the fiber content of clothing is the main quality indicators. The comparison test found that 10 samples of fiber content does not match with the actual, there are 5 kinds of standard "cotton", but not all cotton, and some even the internal and external signs are different from each other. In addition, the inspectors also taught reporters a relatively simple method of identification: take a small piece of clothing fibers, lit with lighters, the cotton will become gray, and if there is chemical fiber material, after burning is not ashes, but shrink into A little black ball Experiment 3 washing can reduce the formaldehyde content of the new clothes Experiment purpose: to test whether the formaldehyde content of the sample. Experimental process: The examiner will cut a short section of a "Cong Cong" brand pants sample, weigh 2 grams into a ground glass jar, add 100 ml distilled water for experiment, and then extract the clipped clothes sample To the oscillator for 1 hour), acetylacetone was added for color reaction. Half an hour later, the test tube showed a pale yellow liquid. Then, still need to liquid into the cuvette again, take "visible light spectrophotometer" then colorimetric measurement. Experimental results: The children's clothing category B formaldehyde content limit is 75mg / kg, and the inspectors found that this "Cong-a" brand pants (Item 019) measured formaldehyde content of 179mg / kg, more than 2 times. Expert Interpretation: Li Xiuying said that formaldehyde will stimulate the eyes, skin and mucous membranes, some textiles in the production process using formaldehyde containing additives, resulting in formaldehyde levels exceeded. Residual formaldehyde in clothing may be enterprises to maintain good flatness clothing, to prevent discoloration, the use of formaldehyde containing finishing agent due. She pointed out that formaldehyde is an irritating gas that can enter the human body through diet, breathing or skin contact, which strongly stimulates the human mucous membrane and respiratory tract and damages health. At the same time as formaldehyde is a volatile material, soluble in water, the new clothes is best to wash and wear to reduce formaldehyde residue. Experiment 4 pH is too high to irritate the skin Experimental purpose: to test whether the children's clothing pH value meets the requirements. Experimental procedure: Similar to the formaldehyde test, remove a CALISSE children's homewear (category A, article number ULSCS302) and cut into small pieces. Weigh 2 grams into a ground glass jar and add experimental water. Put the liquid in the shaker and extract for 2 hours, put it in the acidometer after filtering. The results of the experiment: The acidity meter shows that the CALISSE children's home service (category A, item No. ULSCS302) distributed by Dalian Hanjin Trading Co., Ltd. distributor and Beijing Xinhua Ni Fashion Factory has a pH value of 9.0. This is an overly alkaline environment that does not meet the national standards. Interpretation of experts: Detector introduction, infant clothing for the A class of clothing, the standard pH value is 4.0-7.5, while the children's clothing category B pH value is 4.0-8.5. Li Xiuying said the pH value of 1-14 that from acid to alkaline pH, clothing pH value slightly acidic (slightly below pH7) and neutral region, the human skin is beneficial to prevent disease spread. If the clothes pH value is too high or too low, in a strong acid or alkaline, can cause skin allergies, irritation or even induce infection. For children with excessive pH values, multiple washes also help reduce the pH value. Experiment 5 Carcinogenic Aromatic Amine Dyes Can not be Washed Objectives: To test whether children's clothing has added prohibited carcinogenic dyes. Experimental process: Detector will be purchased from 100 Wing Mart store a "naughty dog" casual short-sleeved (not marked manufacturer information, item Z016L) part of the cut to be sampled, weighed, extracted 1 hour later, added to the liquid Reducing agent, and then solid-phase extraction, the final liquid on a rotary evaporator to concentrate, the concentrated sample was processed into a brown glass bottle. Twenty-four banned biodegradable aromatic amine dyes were searched on GC / MS. Experimental results: After more than 40 minutes, the chromatogram displayed on the screen is a crest map with different elevations like ECG. There are two distinctly higher "characteristic peaks", which correspond to benzidine, 3,3-dimethoxybenzidine, are disallowable decomposition of aromatic amine dyes. Expert Interpretation: Li Xiuying pointed out that substandard dye in the aromatic amine is easily absorbed by the skin caused by allergies, long-term contact with the human body can cause cancer cells, but this dye colorless, odorless, insoluble in water, can not be washed, etc. To eliminate or reduce its harm, consumers are also very difficult to distinguish by the naked eye senses, only through the detection of specialized equipment, so more harmful than formaldehyde.

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