Shuimu Village Women wear clothing to wear out of style wear out of character

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Shuimu Village Women wear clothing to wear out of style wear out of character

水木一村女装 穿出品位穿出风度穿出个性

Shuimu Village Women wear clothing to wear out of style wear out of character

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    Embroidery has a history of more than 2,000 years since ancient times and is known as the "Pearl of the Orient." It has always been a luxury product for nobles to enjoy, a treasure for collectors who love the artifacts, and a national treasure gift . Because it is the crystallization of the ancient people`s wisdom, it has been at the forefront of the civilization history of the Chinese nation for 5,000 years. It is based on the discovery and use of silk. It not only enriched and enriched the people`s material life, but also a high level of spiritual enjoyment.

The value of embroidery crafts collection:

Artistic value: Embroidery works are pleasing to the eye.

Economic value: High-quality embroidery works are invaluable.

Collection value: precious embroidery works are often collected by collectors and provide exhibits

Chinese traditional culture is a kind of national culture that reflects the evolution of Chinese civilization and reflects the characteristics and style of the nation. It is the overall representation of various ideas, cultures, and concept forms in the history of the nation. It refers to the Chinese nation and its ancestors living in Chinese territory. The culture created by the Chinese nation, inherited and developed from generation to generation, with distinctive ethnic characteristics, a long history, profound and profound traditions, and excellent traditions. It is the crystallization of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. Apart from the core content of Confucian culture, it also contains other cultural forms, such as Taoist culture, Buddhist culture and so on.

    As a traditional arts and crafts company in China, Aisha•Lee has developed traditional culture and launched some products with traditional Chinese cultural elements. For example, embroidered pictures of Buddhist deities, embroidered Buddhist scriptures, and embroidered Buddhist scriptures.


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Hand Embroidered Traditional Chinese Culture

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