Women's underwear in August new conference will be held at the end of this month

Leading the trend of underwear, the new winning terminal, 100 women's underwear new conference and lingerie high-end wealth forum will be held on August 31, 2013 grand, this new conference show new autumn and winter ideas through the physical store, as well as this year's trend of home underwear, Feel 100 women live the third generation of a new image, highlighting the infinite charm of a woman 100, allowing you to make money worry!


Hosted by underwear industry leader 100 Women's Underwear Co., Ltd., the actual underwear industry expert Pengjing Li came to the site to understand how to choose the site and how to manage the shops and staffs. How to find the problems and how to manage in-store? Operate the entire guide, break through the perplexity of performance, the achievements of underwear wealth, so you can have no underwear experience can also be a good shop, open more stores, will always become the local underwear market giant! Welcome to join with 100 women underwear together to explore the rich , Let the wonderful start from here!


Founded in 2011, the Shenzhen 100 Women's Underwear Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale underwear brand franchising chain focusing on R & D and management of underwear. Its predecessor involved in the production and management of underwear in 2006, It has become an integrated enterprise integrating production, sales and logistics. Its main products are bras, men's and women's panties, home clothes, socks, warm clothes, slimming underwear and bathing suits. The focus of the company before the production and direct sales store business, has always been committed to fine management, to create sophisticated brand, through 1 year of direct marketing practice we have a chain of copy capabilities, creating a unique "whole shop output" profit model, To ensure that customers get stable in the short term, in the third-line mass consumer store in the actual effectiveness of a single store can be directly comparable to or even beyond the old brand.

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