What are the effects of crystal gravel?

Crystal gravel refers to a variety of different crystals. In addition to crystal ball and various beads, other ore with poor quality is crushed into gravel. Some of them are simply shaken by the shock barrel to make the surface smooth. In industry, some have other uses. Crystal gravel still has a magnetic field and its effect.

There are several types of gravel applications:

1. Crystal pillow - eliminate brain fatigue, insomnia, and more dreams, thus improving sleep quality.

2. Crystal water--use colorless crystal gravel to make crystal water to drink, such as white crystal, citrine, etc., deep crystals also have heavy metal substances released, not suitable for crystal water, pay special attention! After the magnetization of the crystal, it will be more delicious! It has the effect of beauty, beauty and digestion.

3. Cultivated plants--Crystal gravel placed in plant pots, can make plants grow healthy and lush, full of vitality, even if the flowers have been nearly withered, after the crystal shock baptism, it may come back to life!

4.Crystal curtains--smashing the gravel drill holes and making them into beautiful crystals, they are not afraid of the room that has been hedged at home.

5. Decoration - the magnetic field of the gravel is scattered. If it can be installed in a beautiful container or a yarn bag, it can be placed next to the TV, computer, and microwave oven to prevent radiation, and it can also exert magnetic field energy in the room.

6. Fish farming - paved in a fish tank with crystal gravel, not only crystal clear and pleasing to the eye, but also magnetic to maintain the clean water, so that the fish grow healthy and not sick!

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