How to wear a dinner party to recommend Narels Party Queen winning Cheats

Banquet, party invitations come one after another, do you have a new party ready to prepare for the most perfect appearance? The first thought in my head is still a little black dress "? OH, NO! Want to elegant appearance on the Party, dazzling color system & Slim profile type of dress is the preferred Party Queen!

娜尔思 - NAERSI

2013 autumn and winter, designers seem to say hello, vine pattern, peacock blue, sapphire blue, oriental style printing and other elements in the dress to be fully reflected in the break with boring elements to conquer your visual senses.

参加晚宴怎么穿  娜尔思推荐Party Queen制胜秘籍

NAERSI Nuer Si women's new

Sunshine Huang met vine pattern, fresh and elegant without losing vitality! A luxurious handbag decoration, the overall match with a more visual impact; high waist long skirt, even if not nine body can also be effectively modified curves, create the perfect ratio!

参加晚宴怎么穿  娜尔思推荐Party Queen制胜秘籍

NAERSI Nuer Si women's new

Color pieces, fabric splicing, both to break the boring black and white, but also adds a bright color and three-dimensional. Sunflower yellow to add elegance to become dynamic, coupled with a color element echoes a single product can make people shines!

参加晚宴怎么穿  娜尔思推荐Party Queen制胜秘籍

NAERSI Nuer Si women's new

Black + White has always been a fashion classic never discouraged fashion, black and white color became the most unexpected 2013 autumn and winter popular colors. NAERSI designer lace, silk stitching, hit the classic black and white color, the entire model is full of intriguing modern fashion sense.

And girlfriends similar to the afternoon tea time cocktail party, dress does not need too formal, a dynamic and playful printing pattern dress is the best!

参加晚宴怎么穿  娜尔思推荐Party Queen制胜秘籍

NAERSI Nuer Si women's new

2013 autumn and winter, elegant blues become the major show field frequent colors, eye-catching at the same time with a low profile and luxurious expression. Noble, steady gem blue, the popular element of this season, "fabric stitching, irregular cut," are perfect interpretation of NAERSI designers, the perfect charm curve presented, passing an elegant sense of existence can not be ignored.

参加晚宴怎么穿  娜尔思推荐Party Queen制胜秘籍

NAERSI Nuer Si women's new

Full of color and brightness of slightly higher peacock blue, wrapped graceful graceful posture, white complexion is the perfect background, such a touch of peacock blue boring Who can withstand it?

参加晚宴怎么穿  娜尔思推荐Party Queen制胜秘籍

NAERSI Nuer Si women's new

"Break the low profile, the details of the victory!" For black or pants like soft-foo, you can easily become a Party Queen! Lace elements weakened the dark dull serious department, adding an elegant, metal accessories, the finishing touch is to become the highlight of the whole body outfit.

Stainless Steel Opener

It`s one of our Metal Opener-Stainless Steel Opener. As far as we all know that, stainless steel is much strong, it will not broken when be used. Sometimes, it`s without plating color, because the metal base color is much beautiful now.

But you could laser or debossed your logo on it if you like.


Description of Stainless Steel Opener:

Item: Stainless Steel Opener

Process: Die casting

Design: Customized (2D/3D)

Material: Stainless steel

Size: Standard size or custom size

Thickness: Standard size or customized

Plating: Imitation gold/real gold/antique gold/misty gold/silver/misty silver/antique silver/brass/misty brass/antique brass/copper/misty copper/antique copper/nickel/misty nickel/antique nickel/chrome

Color: Custom (any Pantone color in our stock)

Attachment: Metal chain/Magnet

MOQ: 1000pcs 

Usage: Bottle Opener

Packing: 1pc/polybag/box

QC Control: 100% inspection before packing, spot inspection before shipment

After-sale service: Free replacement if find out any short or defective goods within 90 days after shipment

Sample time: 7-12 days

Production time: 18-20 days


Payment: 100% in advance for small orders; 30% deposit, 70% before shipment for big orders.


Stainless Steel Opener

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