Shanghai Xintiandi Huashi Flagship Center IT Grand Opening

Shanghai Xintiandi Huashi Flagship Center IT Grand Opening

IT Group opened its first overseas flagship store in Xintiandi in Shanghai in September 2002. During the two years, the business of the IT Group grew rapidly. In addition to the opening of Hangzhou IT and Beijing IT, nearly 100 overseas fashion brands were introduced; and its own brand http: // The store network with b+ab also covers more than 20 cities, and the number of shops is nearly 100, becoming a hot topic in the fashion industry in recent years.

In 2005, IT Group continued to expand its footprint in Shanghai. On June 5th, it opened its first Shop-in-shop concept IT shop in Shanghai Henglong Plaza, IT&i.t. On August 5 it officially entered the 688 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai, China. Lion flagship center, she represented the birth of the first it shop in Shanghai, and it is also a flagship store in Shanghai.

Shanghai Huashi flagship center it is located on the ground floor and ground floor, covers an area of ​​about 900 square meters, set it, French Connection, http://, b+ab, Arnold Palmer, 5cm, double park in a shop, as the trend People bring the comfort of one-stop shopping.


It is a new image that shows avant-garde breakthrough, showing a number of Japanese brands including As Kaya, Pou Dou Dou, Tout A Coup, Mysty Woman, and Page Boy.

French Connection

Famous British fashion brands mainly sell fashion and men's and women's apparel. The types of goods range from clothing to footwear accessories such as hat bag belts. The design style is unique, making French Connection a distribution point for 25 countries around the world. Well-known brands, now led by the IT group to introduce China, so that more people can feel this British fashion atmosphere.

Http:// , b+ab

The two IT brands that have become familiar with each other have always held a firm position in the domestic market with their unique personality. They are equipped with the men's and women's wear series to win the http://, and the b+ab clings to the trend. High-quality materials designed with unique styles of clothing are essential for ladies' quarterly wardrobes.

5cm, Arnold Palmer

5cm and Arnold Palmer storefront, the former with a gloomy atmosphere and yellowing light to bring out the unique brand personality; the latter is in a bright and concise environment to bring out the youthful atmosphere of clothing, is a trend of choice for boys and girls.


Double-park mainly sells foreign street culture and sportswear, such as the famous Carhartt, OBEY, XLarge, Zoo York, DC Shoes, etc. It also has its own brand Touchcroxx. Stores, with different metallurgical control to make shelves and racks configuration, make good use of the indoor limited space for unlimited exposure to a variety of diverse plate costumes, making this shop more unique.

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