Ding Wei and Xiaomei Li appeared on the same stage at the Shanghai Daily Broadcasting Show Press

Ding Wei and Xiaomei Li appeared on the same stage at the Shanghai Daily Broadcasting Show Press

On June 21st, the head drive of Shanghai Daily Broadcasting Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai’s suburb of Songjiang, came from the celebrities of the film and television festival, guests from the media, media reporters near Shanghai, and people from surrounding areas who heard the news to set up the entire factory gate. The temporary tents are crowded. What people have such a big charm in the end? Today, there are stars - supermodel Lu Yan, international movie star Jun Mei, singer Ding Wei, famous actor Li Xiaojun, supermodel Chun Xiao and Song Ning will be on the same stage, this is the Shanghai Daily Broadcasting Co., Ltd. held in their own company park " "Branding autumn and winter women's 2005" conference and the unveiling ceremony of the Shanghai company park. This means that "Broadcasting" card has officially made Shanghai the fashion capital as a base for brand development and market expansion.

Li Xiaoyi

As a spokesperson for the “Broadcasting” brand, supermodel Lu Yan’s spokespersons can see large photographs everywhere, and the invited international movie star Jun-Mei Mei and the famous actor Li Xiaojun are guest guests attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony. As the "Shanghai's daughter," Mou Junmei naturally comes home to feel and constantly praise her hometown. Li Xiaojun likes the neighboring little girl and smiles sweetly to meet the media reporter's various issues. .

Ding Wei

The most stimulating atmosphere on the scene was the number of female singers “Ding Wei”. At the beginning, everyone only heard her singing voices and thought that they were playing audio tapes. As a result, the curtains opened and Ding Wei and her live band “exclaimed”. "In front of everyone, the applause of the audience rang and the fans shouted, "Ding Wei, Ding Wei, I love you!"

group photo

Throughout the show period, Ding Wei and her band dedicated the lingering and graceful love of the audience with her unique sad and melancholy voice.

Model catwalk shows, singing singers is not a lot of sight, colorful colors flowing on the T stage, elegant psychedelic music and familiar music sounded in the ear, the new show with the form of the audience refreshing.

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