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[China Glass Network] Content Description: In the process of cooperation between procurement and business, it is necessary to learn to listen carefully and analyze some hints and implications of the other party, which will be more conducive to mutual cooperation and development! Below I summarize some hints of purchasing and purchasing kickbacks, hope Inspired by everyone.

Purchasing, a sensitive profession, procurement, God in business, in the process of cooperation between procurement and business, you need to learn to listen carefully, analyze each other's hints and implications, will be more conducive to each other's cooperation and development! Below I summarize some procurement The hint of eating kickbacks, I hope to inspire everyone.

The new official is suggestive: Many experienced purchases, after a new company, will choose the appropriate time to call or send an email to a supplier who thinks it is profitable. The content is probably: Hello, I am new. The procurement is mainly responsible for the work in the ** area. I used to have experience in purchasing ** in this company. I would like to take care of it in the future. I believe we will have a good cooperation. (The implication is that I have certain rights in the market. Understand, more care is to kickback, there will be a rebate will be happy cooperation, otherwise.. Hey, you know)

Bitter test suggests: Many experienced purchases, when the order volume increases, although there is no requirement to negotiate with the supplier to reduce the price, but will still actively complain to the supplier, roughly meaning: we have more and more orders, the price should also Preferential points, we are not easy to make purchases, take a little salary, but also do our duty, or not to tell the boss. (The implication is that cooperation has been so long, the amount is also big, I am tired and tired, helping you earn so much money, you do not give any benefits, do you want me to refer you to the above)

Desire for the sake of squatting: Some purchases responsible for equipment projects, if the procurement plan has been approved by the supervisor, but usually deliberately put it in their hands. If the supplier calls, it will use the way of suggesting a kickback. The general idea is: Your plan has been reported, it is quite satisfactory, it should be very promising, but there are different plans, you need to discuss it. (Research is the meaning of tobacco and alcohol, hehe! You don't mean it, don't sign contracts, we have different options to choose)

Price comparison sells hints: some experienced purchases, for long-term cooperation customers, if there is no advantage, they will choose appropriate hints, for example: a new supplier contact me, just in the place, Close to us, the price is cheaper than you, but we have already cooperated, but still feel more comfortable with your cooperation. (The implication is that I choose you when the price is high, don't you care about it? We find a new supplier, you know how to do it)

Borrowing questions to play a suggestive type: When the transaction process, occasionally some small problems of delivery and quality, have no effect on production at all, but some purchases will use the title to play a hint, the general idea is: you always do not trade on time, and quality The problem, I am not doing well, every day, you have to understand my difficulties. (The implication is that I help you a lot, you should have something to say, otherwise... you know)

Intentional pressure type suggestion: Many suppliers are monthly. For suppliers with frequent transactions, some purchasers will deliberately report the statement to the finances in the future. The payment arrangement is also intentionally delayed, so that the supplier's capital turnover is difficult, so they have to give some The benefits, the payment can be obtained on time.

Time is limited, I hope that experienced friends will share your situation and share with you, thank you!

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