Pina dance, graceful body enchanting bloom - Water Flower 2012 Spring Summer "Ballet" series

Like a little girl's soft dream, fantasy graceful posture enchanting bloom on stage, perhaps, we can not avatars swan dance, but still can be tall and straight into the beautiful body into this romantic life. waflow Water flower () 2012 spring and summer "Ballet" series, with a functional weight loss body harness containing gingko essence and seaweed essence, really care for your skin, carefully carved your body. Light silk, Yaguangfang staggered wave stack ups and downs, outlines the classical and stylish flowers rippling waves, blending with the waves, ballet dancers, as if walking lightly in the flowers of the dance clothes.

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360 degrees without plastic bone support, gentle plastic self-cultivation, a comprehensive body comfort


Thin waist, beautify the legs, the details will be sexy refined


Elegant retro lace, refreshing skin-friendly features, in the summer is still highlighting your elegant style


Chic front buckle design effectively offset the Earth's gravity, concentration, stability, is an attitude

various product of Wooden can according to your room decortion style to choose.antice style clock  moodern style clock  also accoridng to the size of your room to choose  big clock   short clock big clock  small clock .or according to your room location to choose wall clock   standing clock  hanging clock.any color  style are  accept.

Wooden Clock

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