Bossini Borsch 2012 spring trend information

Release Date: February-April 2012 Bossin2012 Spring Fashion Collection Inspired by the perfect combination of navalism and coastline, the relaxed, casual, stylish and minimalist style is most vividly presented. The new trend of clothing series to the theme of happiness, so that each consumer can feel the bossinbehappy happy concept, style by children and men and women one by one to take care of clothing, so tender "love" continued warming in this spring. BossinLady Borsch Women's Collection Coastal romantic style Fun fashion designer in the spring season Simple and interesting cross-section stripe and other elements of love of women The perfect blend into a variety of shirt design, the classic black and white, bright red and other stripes With stylish khaki and white bottoms, for the season brings a different color visual feast. BossinMan Bossini series of men and play interesting hot navy-style elements of the retro navy and nostalgic tooling elements perfect integration into the classic T-shirt, outside the double-sided fabric checkered shirt, simple and crisp nautical cross-stripe dress is the season hot single product One, full of coastal style of the navy-style design very distinctive modern. Cut the outline with the simplicity and simplicity, but there is no lack of personal comfort design has always been to lead the trend. About Bossini Bossini International Group Ltd. Since its first retail outlet opened in 1987, Bossini International Group Limited has established a large global operation platform and distribution network after about 20 years of rapid development and successfully expanded its business expansion To about 30 countries and regions to Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia as the five core markets. In order to promote a positive and optimistic attitude toward life, bossini regards "be happy as happiness" as its brand philosophy. With colorful products and store displays, smiling and attentive staffs, and modest infiltration of humor into products, we aim to create a comfortable and relaxing shopping environment for our customers with a delightful shopping experience. Will be happy to every customer. Not only is bossini a casual place, we are committed to making our customers happier than just providing the highest quality, most diversified casual wear. We start from the aspects of product quality and design, shop decoration and display, customer service quality and marketing promotion so that our customers can enjoy the most satisfying shopping experience every time they visit our company.

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