how many process interlining gone through.---KLINK INTERLINING

Here please allow me introduce how many process "interlining" gone through.
1. Breaker Scorcher: Clean raw material.
2. Lap Machine: Making raw material from fiber into lap.
3. Sliver Machine: Turn Lap into Sliver.
4. Roving Machine: Make Sliver into Roving.
5. Spinning: Turn roving into yarn.
6. Warping: Clean up yarn and rolling it for next step.
7. Weaving: Put Warp rolls in weaving machine start making fabric.
8. Dying: If needed then need dye.
9. First Finish
10.Finish& Crease: finish and make them perfect hand feeling.
12. Check up& rolling: Check if fabric has defected if has needed cut.
13. Rolling & Cutting: Rolling fabric into rolls.
14. Auto Packing: Last step--Packing.

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