Apricot pink jacket with a red primer shirt look good white feather with a red scarf how

A touch of red in winter, will make your life more passionate. So in this season, the red single product should be how to wear? In response to this problem, Xiao Bian deliberately went to the elegant girl- PPGIRL made a detailed consultation.


Into the elegant girl-PPGIRL, you will find a lot of red single product with models. For example, suitable for early winter and early spring wear woolen jacket, although the apricot pink is very welcome, but take the red base, the temperament and fashion can be instantly improved accordingly. Coupled with black casual pants and high heels, you can make your body approach and perfect proportion.

杏粉色外套搭配红色打底衫好看吗   白色羽绒搭配红色围巾怎么样

After winter, down jacket is essential for everyone's style. Short paragraph for the white down jacket, we still can match a touch of red. White knit underwear to wear black knit shirt + black leggings, a red scarf in the neck, is not enough eye-catching it? If you feel this fashion is not fun, you can add sunglasses + hand bag and other decorative items.

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