There are five types of jade jewelry. Do you know a few?

There are five types of jade jewelry, one natural one, two optimized ones (bleaching, dipping wax), and two kinds of processing (polymerization treatment after bleaching, dyeing treatment). What is particularly mentioned here is the word “treatment”, which is often equivalent to the meaning of the treatment in people's consciousness. In fact, the treatment is only an improvement of jade, a development and utilization of natural non-renewable resources.


1. Natural jade jewelry

It refers to the processing of raw materials through mechanical cutting, rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing, etc. Any high-grade jade jewelry such as bracelets, pegs, pendants, beads, ring faces, etc. are all made by physical and mechanical processing. It is made up of the national standard test conclusion column named "Jade", which is commonly known as "A goods".

2, bleaching jade jewelry

It is a chemical treatment method, which aims to dissolve the disproportionate impurity (mineral) color on the surface of jade jewelry. Its dissolution is limited to the surface, so that the surface of jade jewelry is more pure and beautiful. Bleaching is a traditional process, and the national standard test conclusion is The column name is “Jade”, which is commonly known as “A goods”.

3. Dip wax jade jewelry after bleaching

It can be regarded as the wax filling effect on the surface coverage of the jade jewelry and the fine cracks in the surface layer. The waxing can increase the smoothness of the surface of the jade jewelry, and can partially fill the rough surface formed during the processing, especially the corner angle of some carving pieces. In part, the dipping wax can cover the original and secondary micro-cracks of the jade jewelry, which makes the jade jewelry look more pleasing to the eye. It is a traditional craft. The national standard test conclusion column is named “Jade”, which is commonly known as “A goods”. ".

4. Polymer filled with emerald after bleaching

Due to the loose structure of the jadeite material; the acid etching removes the variegated leaves leaving a deep gap; the jadeite crystals are coarsely processed and peeled off; the artificially improved transparency and the like, it is necessary to improve the appearance and durability of the jade jewelry, and it is necessary to fill and consolidate with the polymer, so that A batch of similar raw materials can be used, because this is not a traditional process, the name of the national standard test is “Jade (handling)”, and the folk is commonly called “B goods”.

5, dyed jade

The original meaning of jade is green and red (brown), but the jadeite material composed of jadeite mineral is white and colorless. After processing into a jewelry, the color is single, it is difficult to hook people's desire to buy, but it becomes very strong after artificial dyeing. Aesthetics, the national standard test conclusion column is named "Jade (handling)", the folk commonly known as "C goods."

Due to the needs of the process, dyed jadeite is often combined with the polymerized jadeite process after bleaching. The national standard test conclusion column is named “Jadeite (treatment)”, and the folks are commonly known as “B10 C goods”.

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