Silver, the exquisite treasures around you

Compared to gold, silver has always been called a more subtle and elegant decoration. In the ancient legend, a woman is described as a peach, and if it is frosty, it must be wrapped in silver, and there is no jewel in it. This is to remove the silver jewelry from the jewelry.

You Erjie first saw Wang Xifeng. "At first glance, I saw the white silverware on my head, the white satin scorpion on the moon, the scorpion of the silver satin, the silver thread, the white scented skirt... Pretty if the peach of the spring, the savory The Chrysanthemum of the Nine Autumns, when it is immediately softened by three points, is not as good as it is - you can see the unique charm of silver jewelry. It does not have the golden rule, the charm of the beads, the jewel of the ruby, the enchantment of the green jade, the calm and introverted, which not only meets the identity of the famous room, but also has no violent volatility, taking into account the elegant and dignified atmosphere. Therefore, it is loved by women who are both demanding and arrogant.

The most famous of the silverware is the British and European sterling silver antiques, which are highly collectible due to their fine carving and unique shape. The British antique silverware is stamped like an antique watch, called HALLMAK, to ensure that its color is in compliance with the regulations, and shows the year and place of the test, in order to prepare the collectors to check the value of the stamp.

When I was free to read the antique jewellery yearbook, I saw a pair of Warring States copper and silver-shaped animal ornaments, and I was amazed by the fine craftsmanship and strength. In contrast, another 19th-century Japanese hand-carved animal-shaped sterling silver ornament is awe-inspiring. Just like their ukiyo-e painting style, all the Gongli are in their own shape and lost their glitz.

In recent years, the bohemian style has made China's Tibetan silver jewelry popular for a while, and its sleek and elegant color and exotic design make it a must-have collection for the petty bourgeoisie who pursues individuality. I have read a novel about a Tibetan silversmith in the era of slavery. He has two pursuits throughout his life: one is to become a free man from slavery and the other is to create the most beautiful silverware in the world. Because of his persistence and courage, the slave owner allowed him to leave the slavery and complete his first wish. Later, he traveled all over the world to learn a silversmith stunt, but he could not find a large amount of Tibetan silver. Hao Fu let him show his skills, he is not willing to help some villagers and children to play a few silver plaques, collars for a lifetime, single-mindedly to carry forward their skills and pass on to future generations. Finally, he returned to his birthplace and asked the slave owner to exchange his privilege of creating silver ornaments for himself. Originally, for artists, freedom and ideals are contrary to each other. If you want to achieve the same, you must give up. The other is the same.

The book is not at hand, the details have been remembered, and the stories I have understood and retelled have mostly been different from the original. My friends said that no matter what I tell, I will eventually become a "Western style". However, there is nothing wrong with it, because I read only what I understand and moved. The so-called "I think so I am". The silverware in my eyes has since become a kind of ornament with mourning in the story, silver, moonlight, and the river under the moonlight, all in one, creating a world of ice and jade, flowing with beautiful sadness, maybe, then It is the realm of 925 silver.

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