Teach you to deal with the locusts in the house

Although it is still cold and chilly in the late spring this year, the small flying insects in the air have already been vacated, and the indoor locusts have begun to “make the wind and wave”, which is frequent in cotton home textile products. In order to protect the health of our family, we have prepared five tricks for the housewives to prevent mites.

Coup 1: One bedroom is smashed and washed

The bedroom is one of the most dusty places. New or long-term storage of clothes should be cleaned and turned over. Wash the blanket and mattress cover once a week with hot water ≥55°C to kill cockroaches and remove most cockroach allergens. Pillows, quilts, etc. need to be exposed to the sun.

Coup 2: "wet operation" dust removal and decontamination

Wipe cotton and other home textiles with a damp rag or a special rag to remove dust and reduce the spread of air.

Coup 3: Deep cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum is often used in the direction of the fibers by a vacuum cleaner to remove the enthalpy accumulated in the fibers of the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner to focus on the small gaps in the armrests and cushions of the sofa.

Coup 4: often open doors and windows ventilation

It is often ventilated and ventilated to help prevent indoors from being completely deflated. Controlling relative humidity below 50% is the most common method of controlling sputum and its allergen levels.

Coup 5: Pure cotton anti-mite sleeve effective barrier

It is an effective method to reduce the re-exposure to the enamel by wrapping the cleaned cotton home textile with a high-density and high-density cotton tamper-proof sleeve. The stomata of the smash-proof sleeve is less than 10 microns, and the dust mites and their allergens cannot pass, thus forming an effective barrier.

In the spring, there is a need to raise or no pets, and to pay attention to personal hygiene. In the final analysis, it is necessary to strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and reduce the risk of allergens such as bedding from invading the body.

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