Zhuo Ya beauty freshwater open city store on March 6 grand opening

Warm congratulations on Miss Chan of Huizhou, Guangdong Zhuoya freshwater open city shop on March 6 grand opening! New store opening underwear promotion buy one get one, open Hao gift to send

Opening Date: March 6

Franchisee: Miss Chen

Address: Huizhou, Huizhou City, Huiyang Danshui Kai City Avenue

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Zhuoya Jia man underwear joining principles shop from product to service, cheap products are made of quality service, completely change the traditional thinking no good cheap goods. From the brand image to the shop decoration, product quality, consumers can feel the most real "cheap and good quality and good service" high-quality impression.

Parity means that investors can spend a small amount of money, parity means that consumers are easy to buy, and parity means the shoppers receive the most customers in the shortest period of time. The most important thing is: parity also means that companies will try to leave the profit margins to investors, investors create the best product base and market environment, rapid return on investment.

Support cooperation, win-win future Zhuoya beauty partners to help reduce financial pressure, where the month before the five opened franchise stores, exempt from the initial fee: 12,000 yuan, and then presented the value of 5,000 yuan ERP store software. Not limited to the first phase of distribution, scientific distribution program, so that franchisees to reduce the lowest inventory, increase the flow of funds.

Decoration optimization program, all high counters, signs unified production by the company, significantly reduce costs, decoration shorter time.

Finally, I believe Ms. Chen Zhuo Ya Huizhou Chenzhou freshwater open city store at the headquarters of the strong support and guidance, the business will certainly be booming! Recommended reading: Zhuoya beauty lingerie, let me elegant turn around

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