What style of underwear summer lingerie choose what color

" Heroic Beauty " elegant, people saw pleasing, graceful dealing with people, body language tell you, she is a fashion, decency, respect for others, love yourself, understand the life of a woman, her femininity and their capabilities The same impressive. Wear beautiful, you are also a new era of elegant woman.

Figure: British beauty spring and summer 2014 new products

Summer is coming, the mood also followed up, still wearing dark underwear it? Quickly pour in your fresh wardrobe for your wardrobe. Bright lemon yellow, to bring you young vitality, cover cup net yarn so sexy cleavage looming, enjoy the bold show your perfect curve.

优雅的女人选择什么款式的内衣 夏季内衣选什么颜色

Figure: British beauty spring and summer 2014 new products

Even the summer, of course, should pay attention to the shape of the chest, 3/4 of the classic cups do not have to worry about breast enlargement, fat scurrying, U-shaped invisible steel ring combined with widening than the bit and soft bone, All excess fat gathered together, whether it is a large neckline or deep V can easily control.

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