What problems should I pay attention to when purchasing glass doors?

The glass door is a special kind of door leaf. First of all, its thickness is not enough to be a solid door, and it is not a special-shaped door. In fact, it is a special form of door leaf. The characteristics of the glass door are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. For example, when tempered transparent glass is used, the door leaf has a transparent function, and when frosted glass is used, it has a semi-transparent function. .

The advantage of the glass door in the winter is to block the wind but not the light, in short, it is translucent. But in addition to this accident, people are also concerned about whether it is warm.

Experts point out that about 30% of the energy in heating or cooling in winter and summer is not stored indoors, but is lost to the outside through doors, windows and walls. If the household chooses a double layer during the renovation, the insulation effect will be significantly improved compared with ordinary glass. Double glazing prevents heat transfer, which protects against the cold and heat of the house and prevents the loss of energy inside the house. At present, the ideal energy-saving glass has a double insulating function of hollow Nanjing glass, in which the empty layer has a thickness of 12 mm, such glass can maintain a good indoor temperature.

In addition, in the winter and summer, due to the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the room with double glazing is more comfortable than the room with single glazing. Assume that the outdoor temperature is -10 ° C, the indoor temperature is 20 ° C, and when the surface temperature is increased to 10 ° C, when the single-layer glass window is used, the glass surface temperature is 1 ° C, because the window temperature and the human body temperature are far apart, when the human body is close to the window It will absorb a lot of radiant heat from the human body, which will naturally produce an uncomfortable feeling.

When double-glazed glass is used, the temperature difference between the window and the human body is greatly reduced. In addition, because two layers of insulating glass are installed, the combination of the outer wall and the glass will be more tight, and the outdoor noise and dust can be blocked outdoors, the noise is reduced, the environment is green, and the health of the occupants is also beneficial. Consumers should also be reminded that if you buy a thick curtain of cloth as a decoration for the house, the insulation effect will be better.

What issues should consumers pay attention to when purchasing glass doors?

1, can not be cheap, to buy a product with a brand, site and certificate, and products without packaging should not be purchased. There must be CCC certification and brand identity of Nanjing Glass Door on the glass.

2, knock the glass with the knuckles, the tempered glass sound is crisper, the ordinary glass sound is more dull;

3, the authentic tempered glass carefully look will have a vague pattern.

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