What jewelry is better for “Double Eleven”?

This autumn fashion wears jaundice

When did the Chinese have been fashionable for "Single Day"? I have not remembered it too clearly. However, the "Double Eleven" e-commerce war is really only played in 2012. In fact, buying clothes on the Internet and buying shoes is a matter of course, but it may not be appropriate to wear and save money. Retail stores often discount sales. In comparison, it is difficult to say which price is lower. Judging from my several online shopping experiences, it seems more reliable to buy jewelry online. One does save money, and the other has fewer problems.

But what kind of jewelry to buy and wear, there is indeed a particularity. For example, this "double eleven", the lonely city of autumn wind hunting, needs a touch of bright color, that is the warmth of autumn. “Warm” jewellery is more suitable for wearing this season.

To this end, among the higher-grade jewels, yellow jade and purple jade are the products of choice, which not only conforms to the aesthetic characteristics of Chinese traditional culture, but also brings some gorgeous and warm feelings to the Singles Day. In fact, the real name of the yellow jadeite should be "Huang Wei"; when the ancient Chinese said the word "Jade", it contained two meanings, "ç¿¡" refers to the yellow jadeite, and "Cui" is the green jadeite.

Among the mid-range jewels, Huanglongyu and Jinsiyu are two kinds of trendy jewellery, which should be the better choice of the mass consumer. The former is yellow and smooth, the latter is like a sun, and it is suitable for all kinds of clothing, suitable for all ages. Followed by red tourmaline, the color is soft, colorful and colorful, in line with contemporary aesthetics.

Among the cheaper jewels, tea crystal, citrine and agate can also be selected. Although this kind of jewelry can't say how much collection value, but the color is elegant, it can be made into bracelets, necklaces, pendants and other jewellery, and it also matches the fashion trend.

So, what style of jewelry is the Singles Day suitable for? I think that a ring is essential, noble can be jaundice, sable, and ordinary can be a brown crystal ring. We need to wear it to the finger that symbolizes “single body”, to show our purity and loneliness to the passing passengers, and to ask the people for the stone.

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