Wenma Senma Group’s talent strategy under the financial crisis

In the past eight years, the Semir people have been adhering to the business goals of “transmitting the Semir brand to every corner of the motherland and every consumer’s heart”. They are determined to make progress and continue to develop. At present, eight branch companies and more than 570 stores have been developed. The outlets spread over 29 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, forming a relatively complete market network structure, advanced business models, and a scientific management system, which has encouraged Senma to leap forward and has created brilliant achievements one after another.

Senma Group Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department

Reporter: With regard to the current severe market environment, how does your company adjust its strategic structure?

Jidong: Actually, the current economic crisis is raging. The textile and garment industry has been hit hard because of the labor-intensive relationship. However, the impact on our company is not obvious. This is related to several factors. 1. Is a purely domestic-type clothing industry, 2, we actually spend a lot of manpower and material production through oem outsourcing, we are focusing on the core design and development, brand integration, channel networks.

Reporter: Under the current situation, how does your company adjust the strategic structure of its talent?

Zhaodong: The overall real economy is affected. We still need to adjust our talent strategy to deal with it. I simply list some of the measures we intend to adopt:

1. The original large-scale national campus recruitment plan was reduced. The number of cities dropped from 6-7 cities per year to 3-4. The number dropped from 100-120 people to 50-60 people per year. 2. We will increase social recruitment. The proportion of the entire talent recruitment is to absorb the current good talents in the market by strengthening the social recruitment. In addition, the social promotion is relatively more effective in the use of talent than the school recruits. We are more practical and more skillful in the recruitment fair. 3. In terms of personnel training, we prefer to use actual, practically-promoted professional training. The original general management curriculum may be implemented in the form of some miniambas. Most of the training focuses on improving departmental professionalism. Each business department is more professionally competitive4. Performance Our assessment will be more refined

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