Warmly congratulate Karen Poetry Yinchuan flag terminal April 25 trial opening

First of all, thank you for the Shanghai Xuan Rui apparel brand - Karen poetry ( KAREN SHEN ) attention! wish all the best!!!

"Mature dissemination of youthful charm, elegant and fashionable atmosphere" - KARENSHEN (Karen Poetry) Roger (13795313936)

Congratulations: Nanjing Golden Eagle, Wuhan Plaza, Changchun Zhuo exhibition, Wuhan Qunguang, Shanghai CITIC Pacific. . . Opened one after another, so stay tuned!

KARENSHEN (Karen poetry) to learn the elements of fashion in Europe and America, Bin Chen classic, elegant costumes concept, clever use of color and natural tailoring to show the simplicity of women, gentle features. Its unique fashion culture of "youthful charm emanating from mature and fashionable atmosphere of elegance" attracts more and more modern women who advocate perfection. Products include high-end women's clothing , handbags, accessories, footwear and so on.

karen shen's target customers are fashionable women aged 28-40 years old.

Price Positioning: Spring and summer 500-3998 (main price band: 1000-3000) autumn and winter 700-6980 (main price band: 2000-5000)


Contact: Roger



Company Address: Sheshan Industrial Area, Songjiang District, Shanghai Tao Road 228-2

If you need to see: Karen Poetry = 2013 renderings / Spring / Summer 2014 show / store renderings, etc., please click on the URL below!


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