Warmly congratulate Diskin. Kay Women Changsha Ningxiang store trial operation

Cool in September is not only people feel more comfortable, but also a season of fruit and vegetable fragrance, in September for this harvest, Disney. Kay Women also ushered in the good news: Warmly celebrate Disi. Kai Women Hunan Changsha Ningxiang shop trial opening today! Congratulations Miss Cai business is booming, opened! Look at the broad masses of old and new customers a lot of support!



Art women's brand Diskin Kay is affiliated with the Shenzhen Dikai Clothing Co., Ltd. under the women's brand, product style aesthetic but romantic yet elegant personality, yet without losing the elegant personality, modern and with a few points National flavor, rich style features with stylish new design, complete product style to meet the contemporary women's leisure and work and social occasions, dress needs, so that Disney Kay has become a popular fashion women's favor and love Women's brand.



The new store trial business coincides with the seasonal season, the store in addition to the summer there are all kinds of autumn new new listing, if you want to fall into several beautiful fashion autumn, may wish to visit the store to buy it! All kinds of beautiful clothes waiting for you to bring them home! Give yourself a beautiful chance!

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