Warmly celebrate Zhuang Man Women's Rainbow Plaza, Yueyang, Hunan signed a successful contract

Zhuang Man in this hot summer day continue to create sales peak, from the national franchisee consulting in an endless stream. The day before yesterday, Hunan Yueyang Rainbow Department Store successfully signed a contract, is currently under preparation for the upcoming grand opening soon! Here, I wish Zhuang Man Yueyang Rainbow Department Store opened! At the same time, during the opening celebration there are multiple preferential surprise activities, welcomed the new and old customers!


Adopted the popular color with popular international fashion color, distinctive personality of the popular style. The target consumer groups targeted at 20-40 years of age, especially young women aged 25-35, pure and they are truly unique, with the perfect combination of self-cultivation and wisdom, never tired, memorable. The pursuit of fashion avant-garde and youthful charm of the range of leisure children, suitable for travel, friends gatherings, evening entertainment, work and life and other occasions, bringing the world's fashion, it also brings a world-class quality and service, it aside Internationally renowned brands adopted by the high-priced approach to take a reasonable price, maintain a friendly, more noble way.


Zhuang Man women's brand integration industry chain, optimizing the terminal store products, to achieve cross-product portfolio, the shoes, bags, accessories, a series of women's clothing mix and match a shop, take full advantage of shops area resources, greatly improve customer turnover rate, customer shopping can be Done in one go Years of brand, integrity management, has an excellent reputation in the industry and many customer loyalty, the project high-margin, low-risk, brand retailers successful retail experience and professional output, support policies and nanny escort services, allowing you to operate more Confident, determined!

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