waflow water flower underwear with zigzag lines to outline the contours of the pattern

waflow water to break the warp knit LACE traditional way of expression, with zigzag lines to outline the contours of the pattern, ingenuity to create a decal double effect, at the same time, bamboo charcoal fabric and inclusive models bring antibacterial health, stable and upright Effect, well-built interior and exterior perfect body!


Water flower underwear has always been committed to women's beautiful career, adhere to the "let you the legend of the United States," the brand concept, the oriental beauty gentle and warm and harmonious beauty of Western beauty, elegant contains fashion, gentle Swear with sexy, each woman is shaped as an embodiment of love and beauty Venus, so by the vast number of Chinese women of all ages.

Hook And Loop Cable Tie
The colors of Hook And Loop Cable Tie are black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, etc. It can be five packs or seven packs, sold in supermarkets, convenience stores or professional tool shop for sale. Hook And Loop Cable Tie Commonly used in the family life of some wire finishing, seven colors can easily distinguish between the use of different wire.

Hook And Loop Cable Tie

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