Tianzhu boutique home bamboo fiber care of your physical and mental health

Shenzhen bamboo eco-apparel Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, production and marketing as one of the apparel joint ventures, relying on the China Textile Industry Association bamboo strong support. Products to the independent intellectual property rights of bamboo fiber as the main elements of classical, stylish, comfortable, low-carbon concept into the field of home clothing, leading the terminal industry development and application. The company developed a set of international brand chain planning, win-win and strong for the development strategy, the creation of Chinese characteristics, the international trend of natural low-carbon "Tianzhu Healthy Living Museum" so that people feel the taste of life is extremely comfortable!

天竹精品家居 竹纤维呵护您身心健康

Bamboo fiber is directly extracted from the bamboo out of the bamboo charcoal fiber, which features soft and comfortable, bright color, has good water absorption and breathability, natural environmental protection with unparalleled anti-bacterial function, but also the world as the most reasonable underwear fabrics one. Ultra-thin thermal underwear fabric Active thermal underwear is the use of the world's most advanced textile technology, the main ingredient is 90% of natural recycled fiber + 10% of nano thermal fiber, is a high-tech ultra-thin thermal underwear fabric. It has antibacterial, thermal properties, at the same time, there are better skin-friendly and soft, for the cold winter brings a warm care.

天竹精品家居 竹纤维呵护您身心健康

The second generation of bamboo fiber underwear, fresh and soft, enhance the body's detoxification, antibacterial antibacterial, pest control moth. From the very beginning, it was the darling of the new market that quickly set off a global storm of popularity. In the developed countries in the world and now in China, bamboo fiber supplies have gradually replaced traditional fibers

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