The Vesino Jazz Carnival Perfectly Closes

Versino collezioni and Versino club hosted the “Versino Vientiane Carnival, Thanksgiving Gaining” event on December 7, 2013 to December 9, 2013 in Vientiane City, Shenzhen. It is reported that this event is based on "Calendas Vientiane, the 9th anniversary of the celebration" as a background, and is a lyrical offering for giving back to the general consumers who always support and love Versino.

It is understood that the event is a privileged 2013 versino company Shenghui, more attractive than the past, more preferential activities, VIP more exclusive gifts. In addition, this event was adorned with the special "Jazz Carnival" planned by Sanskrit. The jazz singing, which is very dynamic and full of personality and without losing the teaching method, has won the majority of consumers to stop listening. In addition to the Jazz, there are also exciting contents such as the cello and the violin. Indeed, good music can purify people's hearts, pass through crowds of people, look for a glimpse, quietly listen to a classic jazz, immerse themselves in it, wait until the end of the song, and take a good mood to continue shopping, a pleasure Shopping experience, a beautiful afternoon...

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