[TH2011 Inspiration Notes] happy forward ...

Some people say that the meaning of life is to run and enjoy the excitement and mad rush; some people say that the meaning of life lies in walking, enjoying the elegance and quiet wandering. The meaning of life to me is "I am on the road."


Feel the profound meaning of life, do not care about the way forward and the spectators on the roadside, the heart of a clear, smiling reason, simply because I was on the road.


I am proud of myself. Because so far, I still insist on my way to go on the road. With love, to witness the blooming moments in the world; with love, created a unique beauty of the world.


Start a new departure, I am on the road, happy walking, with perseverance and confidence, with a dream and happiness, in the road of happiness continue to move forward.

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Concerned TH2011, extracted happy, I wish you enjoy a pleasant weekend.

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