Textile and apparel industry is expected to recover next year

Textile and apparel industry is expected to recover next year Affected by the economic downturn at home and abroad and the declining domestic inflation, the textile and apparel industry began to adjust significantly in the fourth quarter of 2011. Exports continued to be sluggish, and domestic sales of brands continued to go into inventory. We believe that this round of industry adjustment has both the macro-environmental impact and the rethinking of the extensive growth of the industry in previous years (blind expansion of production capacity, excessive opening of store goods, excessive price increase, etc.). We expect the 2013 mid-term industry. The economy is expected to recover. In the medium term, we hold a neutral rating on export manufacturing, and the survival environment and profitability of leading enterprises after a long period of reshuffle can be significantly improved. The domestic brand apparel industry still maintains a favorable rating, and the huge population continues to improve. The comprehensive national strength and the escalation of consumption brought about by urbanization have provided an adequate stage for the development and expansion of local brands. The outstanding companies of local brands have embarked on the right path after more than 20 years of development. They understand local needs better than foreign brands. , More familiar with the local business operations, more with channel resources, so the comparative advantage is still more obvious. In the mid-term, we are optimistic about the apparel industry, including outdoor, business menswear, high-end ladies' wear, home textiles and children's wear.

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