Swim swim thin skinny pick a good-looking swimsuit began to lose weight

Ching Ming, Gu Yu, Li Xia, Guyu has passed, the summer is no longer far away. Taking advantage of being forced to reveal the season has not come yet, we have to find ways to quickly lose weight! Swim, thin, sounds like a good plan. And Xiao Xiu swimsuit from the step by step into action!

Gorgeous colorful water texture graphic printing elements, with texture swimsuit skirt, hem on both sides of the bow free adjustment, long short paragraph easily transform, whether it is to the swimming pool or go to the beach can add temperament.

游游泳 瘦瘦身 挑一款好看的泳衣开始减肥吧

With gathers the effect of hanging neck swimsuit is a little girl's favorite, clever plump breast chest aside the flat chest embarrassed. Waist fold design of the small fat on the waist have a certain degree of modification. Flirtatious sexy skirts can be modified buttock shape modification.

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