Summer candy fluorescent single product with how to look good

In the spring and summer seasons, the beauty of color choices are under a cruel! All kinds of printing also make summer more colorful. Do not want to be buried in the crowd, then a variety of fluorescent colors, decadent candy is the first choice! However, these bright colors need to be careful!

安宝儿 - Anboa

Ya Geme Dai 2014 spring and summer series

Vivid jumping fluorescent color in the summer will definitely be hot, as a candy color upgrade version, pink, pink blue, mustard green and other bright colors in the fabric with the help of a glossy, full of charm. In the choice of colors to make the most comfortable single product combinations will not be too swagger!


Ya Geme Dai 2014 spring and summer series

Lemon yellow is always the most popular among many bright colors is the easiest to wear the color. A lemon yellow shirt with black and white package hip skirts, the role of the lace, so that the overall shape to enhance a grade. Definitely this summer is surprisingly winning match!

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