Spring dress pose is to be fancy dress

Time with us through the winter elegance, ushered in the pretty spring, bathing the spring sun, MM have long been able to take off the heavy color, the flowers to wear upper body. Next door spring 2015 new products for the MM who elaborate a variety of flower skirt expression, whether it is shy, elegant, or brilliant, are greet the spring with a beautiful way, and look skirt pose provocative around the world. Girl next spring 2015 new spring fashion Bright yellow fluorescent lemon slip dress, as the dawn of the spring, bringing the fresh and bright blowing. Slim cut with upper body three-dimensional pleated large skirt A, outlines the girl's slim and beautiful, sweet girl to create early spring LOOK. Girl next spring 2015 new spring fashion Woman flowery, charming bloom, bright room full of spring. Elegant print sleeveless dress, simple cropping and crisp fabrics, creating a natural and beautiful romantic feelings, but also bring out the girl flowery as refined and refined temperament. Girl next spring 2015 new spring fashion Vintage printed wrap chest skirt, moderate nudity brings spring, but also highlights the youth wanton and beautiful. Multi-layer net yarn lining, so that more fluffy three-dimensional skirt, with a bow decorated boutonniere and fluffy side braid, showing the court retro girl style. Girl next spring 2015 new spring fashion Slim cropped sleeveless printed dress, large flowers bloom out of the gorgeous early spring scene, pleated pleated waist pleated design, and let the big print in the colorful more an irregular beauty. With fish-head high-heeled shoes and chain bag, will elegant romantic feminine interpretation of most vividly.

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