Spring and summer bright color clothing with the best look Look

When it comes to spring and summer, what do you think of first? Buds covered with branches? Manshan all over the peach, rape? Or a variety of eye-catching beauty? Words of beauty of the heart of everyone, to show the best in the best years of their own, is the greatest significance of life.


In March and April, wearing eye-catching bright yellow came to the suburbs, and blooming rape blossoms together. Wasp waist umbrella skirt version of the mid-sleeved shirt and lace shorts suit design, waist, showing one step in place of the sleeve legs and legs, as well as fluorescent color stitching Clutch, so that the overall look look new.


Want to go with the colorful spring and summer counterparts, floral print T-shirt is also a good choice, relaxed, casual version with sky blue package hip skirts, with a little bit of mix and match the effect of the skirt arc cut for you Looks more eye-catching. (Source: Fei Hsun - FASHION women's spring and summer 2014 new products)

Natural fibers of cotton free of chemicals. Breathable, soft, comfortable â€“ these features decide that 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric is a great option for hot weather even all the year round, it can easily absorb body moisture and help keep you dry by drawing it away from the skin where it evaporates in the air around you. Hypoallergenic and does not irritate skin.

100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric is suitable for bedding, home dress, curtains, shirt ect. 

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100% Cotton Fabric

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