Sophisticated fashion life from the Camille Ladies began

Elegant conversation, decent clothing, noble heart, rich emotions, extraordinary appreciation, modesty. They are the women who love GAIA GIRL Camilla . GAIA GIRL as a spokesman for the new luxury, not only belong to those wealthy women, but also that aesthetic, taste, intellectual woman.
GAIA GIRL brand to break the traditional definition of luxury, the pursuit of the simple but not simple, advocacy is that aesthetic, taste, intellectual women desire to have can also achieve its own new luxury, so that every beautiful GAIA GIRL Fashion Can find the home of its soul and life! Product positioning services in the 25 - 38-year-old intellectual woman.
GAIA GIRL Galia originates from the world of clothing, the Kingdom of Italy, is a leading fashion brand leading the international fashion trends, interpretation of "taste fashion, free personality", GAIA GIRL transliteration: (Gaiya) Ancient Greek mythology, The mother of the earth's body. Her all-encompassing, with a very happy and free longing elements. GAIA GIRL Italian brand, adhering to the happy and free personality in the West, but also combines the elegance of the East and the female is the perfect combination of Eastern and Western cultures, so fashion taste of fashion elements, in the GAIA GIRL costume was interpreted most vividly, personality , Clever fashion elements, highlighting the unique charm of oriental women, filling noble, elegant in one temperament.


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