Snow Fanni stripe style winds hit your summer is no longer boring

Fresh and simple stripes are essential elements of the wardrobe, one of the classic wild style out of the street with leisure. No matter mix and match hot pants or short skirts make you in the summer charm of the streets full. The ever-changing color stripes always give the glitzy charm, so that your summer is no longer boring, piercing the beautiful rainbow charm. Snow Fanni fashion ladies summer stripes struck, with a single color stripe to dress up their own, but also increase a good mood, and easily become the focus of attention.

雪凡妮 - SOFANI

Simple and fresh light blue shirt to support the female intellectual charm, black and white stripe stitching classic but no shortage of fashion charm, handsome jewelry decoration, more elegant and modern temperament.

雪凡妮女装条纹风来袭  让你的夏天不再沉闷

Sunny season can not be without colorful colors to echo the snow fringe color stripe dress, fresh and bright and full of pastoral atmosphere, wear elegant and pleasant, is not very seductive it?

雪凡妮女装条纹风来袭  让你的夏天不再沉闷

The hot summer days, such as ice cream-like striped sweet striped shirt, always exudes Qin cool atmosphere, with white simple shorts, reveal slender legs, without too much decoration, but also still very eye-catching.

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