Small women's boutique underwear more addicted to women 窈 窕 posture

Small Women's Enterprise Group is not only a supplier of lingerie, but also has successfully established internationally renowned lingerie brands such as "BUDIFO Treasure Island®" and "LITTLE WOMAN Little Woman®". At present, the Group's products include ladies bras, panties, corsets, bathing suits, rhythm suits, sleepwear, hosiery, men's bras, home wear, silk scarves and breastfeeding undergarments, Extremely romantic and sexy atmosphere of the quality, more addicted to the feisty, coco charming temperament, "Little Woman" has become a real fashion underwear industry aircraft carrier.


"颔 first laugh Bai Mei life, E from fish consistent scared butterflies; eyes no color outside the city, approached the wide-flying people." The number of women female peacock Xuan window deep boudoir show confidence; how many women addicted to the new wild Sui Tang style elegance as the Golden Age beauty; the number of female Silk Road rain butterflies drunk Lanting full Eastern charm; how many female peony Snow gentility deep rouge; many women West Lake Xiaoyu Lan Xin Hui Doucheng Love Romance; underwear - has not only synonymous with fashion, but also to protect the health of women dedicated.

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