Shulan first football match champion staged "penalty shootout"

In Shulang pitch, football majors ride gallop, for the most intense championship tournament. After the first round of the group round robin and the second round of ranking competition, the executive sweater elite team and the Shulang family successfully qualify for the Championship, the first football Shulan "who is the championship," the competition kicked off . Shulang administrative sweater team and Shulang family team as two temporary team set up, they use their spare time to do a good job in pre-competition preparation and training, in a relatively short period of time through the run-in and full cooperation in this football match In five off the beaten six, out of heavy siege, and finally into the championship runner-up match. Recently, the center of the pitch players, all gearing up, the strength of the two teams players, and sometimes offensive and defensive, sometimes running and jumping. Shortly after the opening of the first half, in the offensive and defensive defense, an executive sweater team striker took advantage of family members based unsteady into a goal. Then the family team to catch up, decisive attack, forming a very threatening shot, I saw a player around the ball half-goal, quickly score the equalizer. Followed by the offensive unabated, the rapid offensive repeatedly broke the border defense, the ball kicked into each other's smooth goal, the game exceptionally good, and ultimately the first half ended with a family team leader. The second half of the game still played very hot, both the offensive one after another, both teams are still struggling to run on the pitch, with the adjustment of the administrative sweater team mentality of a counterattack, the situation peaked, the score once exceeded. Faced with the pressing sweeping steps of the executive sweater team, the family members also outdone, lightweight dribbling, smooth passing, repeatedly to the executive sweater team threatening shots, though many times in the hands of experienced goalie However, with the family members passing the ball past the goal keeper and scoring the ball, the score was still tied by their strength. Eventually, the two sides played a 4: 4 score within the stipulated time. In order to compete for the title of the championship, the two sides decided to decide the outcome of a ball, then launched a "penalty shootout" in the "vanguard of goal" and "goalkeeper" wonderful game, the sharp reaction of the executive sweater goalkeeper defensive success of each other The offensive, then the administrative sweater team penalty kicker into the ball, winning a key point, the ultimate administrative sweater team win over the family team, the perfect ending. It is reported that, as an ancient sport, football has a long history. Modern football originated in the United Kingdom, from Britain to Europe, from Europe to the world - modern football has become the world's most popular sports. Football originated in ancient China, a ball game "Cuju", and later spread to Europe through the Arabs, the development of modern football. Schuolan always attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture and cares for the leisure life of staff and workers. Through such organized health and sports activities as football and basketball games, Scholang can deeply understand the positive sunshine and improve the team's life The cohesion and promote more harmonious and healthy development of the company.

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