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You can change your shirt and tie every day. But you may still be wrong, in this simple game, there are many small traps. May be the color of the conflict, the material may be the conflict. How to change the dull mix, you may need to re-evaluate your tie and shirt combination. White + color If you position yourself more basic neutral, then we must not miss this match. White shirt for many styles of tie, the novelty will be more compelling. White shirt and color tie with, to avoid the dark suit, on the contrary, and the same color tie will be more points. Color + color Once you have added color, it will be easier to win. Too bright a tie does not work, keep in mind that the color of the tie is deeper than the shirt, which stretches your figure. In terms of hue, the same or opposite colors can be paired with pleasure, such as blue and yellow or orange. At the same time follow the light and dark principles, orange tie and navy blue shirt. Color + pattern design shirt plus tie the combination of caution, because the pattern shape and color may conflict. Lightweight shirts reduce this risk. To echo this combination, a pink shirt with a navy blue pink polka dot tie, or a blue plaid shirt and navy tie. Pattern + Pattern This is a strongly contrasting pattern, especially when color additions are often required. This means that to keep the shirt on the delicate pattern, and tie to choose a larger pattern. The opposite is also true. Pink, plaid shirt and large striped tie, which is the most popular flavor, blue and pink tie color can also be used to put on the chest in the suit on the square. Busen men's focus is installed 30 years, to undertake a variety of work wear, work clothes, buy hotline: Hot Springs Busen men

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