SDW Fashion Co., Ltd. led OPHEE`S women to attend the Shenzhen Garment Fair

OPHEE`S women's clothing is part of the Shenzhen SDW Fashion Co., Ltd. women 's clothing brand , the 13th Shenzhen apparel exchange OPHEE`S will present the latest works at the show, to the show to add distinctive elegance temperament.

Company Name: Shenzhen Si De Wei Fashion Co., Ltd.


Brand Name: OPHEE`S

Hall number: Hall 1

Booth number: 1G53,1G55


Shenzhen Si De Wei Fashion Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in women's design, production and sales of large-scale integrated enterprise, pay attention to the tailoring of clothing design details, the style is mainly based on romantic, elegant, sexy as the feature. Advocating a diversified mix of clothing, with free, with printing, Dingzhu, Shouxiu and other production processes for 35-45-year-old mature women groups, showing their personality and mature woman charm.

Hall number: Hall 1

Booth number: 1G53,1G55

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