Sapphire you don't know - Royal Blue

In addition to the well-known blue cornflower blue, sapphire also has a famous blue variety, which is Royal Blue.

Royal blue

Royal Blue is also a noble breed of sapphire and is best produced in Myanmar. The magical gemstone origin - Myanmar, is famous in the world for producing the world's top Pigeon's Blood ruby. What many people don't know is that it is also the main producing area of ​​royal bluish gems.

Not all sapphires can be called royal blue, which has considerable requirements for color hue, concentration, and saturation. The royal bluish gemstone is very strong in color, with a hint of purple color. It also has a deep, noble and elegant temperament, which makes it a favorite of many princes and nobles.

Although the Kashmir cornflower sapphire is the top sapphire, it has been in production for a long time, and the Royal Blu-ray gem has always maintained a certain output to meet the needs of the market.

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