Poor "hole shoes" can induce contact dermatitis

This summer's most popular is the "hole shoes", because a number of international supermodels have been through, popular for a while. However, the reporter learned from the hospital that the dermatology department recently treated some patients who had induced allergy due to poor quality "hole shoes."

The reason why so many people like "hole shoes" is the celebrity effect, but also because of its comfort and strong functionality. The reporter learned from the counter of a department store in the Youyi Plaza that the genuine “hole shoes” are made of resin material and are very light. A shoe only has a weight of 100 grams. It has good air permeability, non-slip, and abrasion resistance and can inhibit bacteria and fungi. Breeding, with the body temperature becomes soft, rain and water, go to the beach to play is very convenient, but this kind of shoes is quite good imitation. The reporter visited some shoe stalls in Taiyuan Street Night Market and Da Caishi and found that the imitation version of “dongdong shoes” only sold for about 20 yuan, which was a dozen times more than genuine. This type of imitation shoes sole material is mostly plastic, and some people will have a feeling of burning feet.

Gu Yuqin, director of the Department of Dermatology at the Second People’s Hospital of Dalian, told reporters that Cory recently received 78 patients who were allergic to this imitation “hole shoe”. A young girl’s foot skin was very smashed and there was a lot of it. Blisters and rashes. Dr. Gu Yuqin said that wearing this kind of imitation shoes allergies is because its material is inferior, not resin but plastic. Adhesive shoes glue and shoe dyes may contain harmful chemicals, have a certain irritation to the skin, plus plastic Poor permeability, sweating can not evaporate as soon as possible, it may induce contact dermatitis. Even more harmful is that toxic chemicals penetrate the human body through the skin and create more health risks.

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