Nora Baby 2015 new children's shoes listed for wisdom to grow homework

Shoes worn by babies (the age range of the baby is generally defined between 0-3 years old, that is, before the toddler). Baby shoes are specially designed for people of this age, and according to the growth and development characteristics of the children's feet in this age group, the shoes suitable for them are designed to be soft. Lightweight. Breathable, comfortable, suitable for healthy growth of the feet.

"Nora Baby" 0-3 years old professional growth shoes, in pursuit of the scientific trend of childcare, insist on giving the baby a pair of healthy and comfortable growth toddler shoes, truly caring for the growth of every child. Mainly divided into: baby shoes, toddler shoes, growing shoes three series, with "environmental protection, safety, comfort, personality" for the purpose; the classic and fashion integration, fully enjoy health and comfort.

Nora Baby 15 spring new style continues to sell, in the baby world and mother world, rave reviews, Xiaobian in this comprehensive inventory of baby shoes features, let you buy and sell assured, do smart growth homework!

1, children's shoes should be combined with baby toddler features, easy to bend the soles of the baby when walking. Generally, the upper of the upper is soft and moderate, and the sewing curve is made of fine Italian craftsmanship.

2, natural soy protein fiber fabric insole, skin moisture absorption, inhibit bacterial growth, so that the baby always has a dry and comfortable foot environment, warm into the soles of the feet.

3, the inner layer structure of the sole with special function design, shockproof and breathable, protect the natural shape of infants and toddlers.

4. The anti-slip sole design suitable for infant foot features, the front half is soft and easy to bend, and the second half is thickened and hardened to prevent backward movement. In particular, the toe is round, keeping a certain cushion for the baby's walking.

5, heighten heel design, using cushioning materials to cooperate with the shackles to protect infants and soft feet! The athlete's foot is the softest, and must not be lost when you are young, otherwise the impact will be huge.

6, comfortable circular toe activity space. Nora baby shoes let the baby's little ankles return to the mother's arms, free and soft, safe and harmless.

7, open space design, easy to wear easy to take off, magic stickers, loose elastic shoes entrance, but also play with the baby happily.

8, the inner side of the jointless mechanical design, completely eliminate the baby's feet in the friction and pain in the shoes! Can be tried in various places, give the baby a chance to learn, let him grow quickly!

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