New Attempt of Clothing O2O Model

Editor's note: Network fitting room Fits. Me** about 1.5 million euros (about 1.97 million US dollars). The round is led by Entrepreneurs Fund. Yuan Wei, the CEO of Wild Show, believes that there are still enough business opportunities for this industry to be reserved for small businesses.

Users simply input their own height, shoulder width, measurements, etc., will generate a model online, and then click the mouse, you can achieve a different clothing mix, see the trial results, if the user is satisfied, you can also directly under the Internet single. . This time-saving and labor-saving way of shopping sounds really good, and VCs have shown a strong interest. The venture capital led by Entrepreneurs Fund is Fits. Me** is about 1.5 million Euros, but it is not only the Fits Me company that is favored. The Chinese fitting network has also obtained three rounds of investment and has exceeded 30 million.

“There are no leaders in this industry and there are many opportunities.” said Yuan Wei, CEO of Wild Show. Yuan Wei, who has been engaged in the RFID industry before, saw the rapid development of the apparel industry when serving customers. The market share of the apparel industry in 2010 was the sum of the previous four years. Yuan Wei felt that the opportunity had come. He chose to create a wild show.

Different from the fitting network, Yuan Wei is more willing to make the wild show a platform. He believes that "a woman's wardrobe is always missing a piece of clothing." This catch phrase precisely shows the characteristics of women's consumption. Women often buy another piece of clothing because they need to buy a piece of clothing. It is women who have such consumption habits. In the eyes of Yuan Wei, the value that the platform can create in the future will be even greater.

"There are still bottlenecks in the virtual fitting technology," said Yuan Wei. At present, the virtual fitting can adjust the figure of the model according to its own situation, but there is still a difference. The virtual model has no way to replace the real person. Therefore, Yuan Wei focused on the collocation effect. On the page of wild show's concise style, Yuan Wei emphasized the importance of highlighting collocations. The model body of the Joker Show online dressing room is fixed and cannot be adjusted. However, the way of wearing can be adjusted, and the user can change according to preferences. For example, shirts can be worn on the waist or not.

"The factors that affect the collocation effect are turned off." Yuan Wei said. In order to further highlight the collocation effects and effects, the Wild Show left only the basic functions. He believes that the effects of the model can bring impulsiveness and visual impact. He hopes that customers will see wild show as their own clothing consultants. In fact, he worked hard to bring together well-known brands of merchants and image designers on the wild show platform to provide users with dress code. The image designer, through cooperation with Joker Show, obtains royalty from the website revenue, thus inspiring their enthusiasm, becoming the customer's personal image designer, and sharing fashion with customers.

"The stylist is equivalent to shopping guide shopping malls, but also a professional shopping guide." Yuan Wei said. He disclosed that the company has signed a contract with a training school and that the number of professional stylists on the future wild show platform will be considerable. It sounds like a win-win solution. Stylists can exercise themselves through the Wild Show platform, accumulate experience through actual cases, and get rewards. And customers can have more choices on this platform, choose their own satisfied image consultant, and buy satisfactory clothes. Because there is no girl, you can reject the temptation of beauty. At present, the construction of wild show has been basically completed, the site is also officially launched in 2012 In addition to wild show, Yuan Wei also hopes to make the company into O2O (Online To Offline) mode. He has started to collaborate with some well-known domestic brands under the online background, developing a back-office development system, implanting collocation schemes, providing shopping guide training programs for the company, and providing a series of solutions based on customer needs. In the solution provided to customers, Yuan Wei found that the customer is looking at statistical analysis of data, such as the analysis of frequent customers (customers who often buy their products). Because the customer's consumption data analysis can be more targeted to understand the customer's preference for color, model, and price, in the future shopping guide helps to increase the single customer price. In these analyses, Yuan Wei also understands the real needs of customers, and these requirements can further optimize the wild show, and may even import these customer resources into the site. "Software has begun to sell money, and this year is expected to cost-effectively." Yuan Wei said.

What will you wear tomorrow? Ask wild show. Yuan Wei printed his hope for the future of the company on a business card. If there is one day, the wild show will show success.

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